How to write urdu in facebook

Now you can write urdu in facebook easily. On our website, you can write text in urdu and then simply copy it and paste it on facebook status as a post or in comments.

The service we provide is very easy and allows you to write in roman english menuscript for urdu words and they are automatically converted to urdu menuscript that you can copy easily and paste anywhere you want.

How to write urdu in facebook

To write urdu in facebook, simply follow these steps:

  1. goto our homepage by clicking here: write urdu in facebook
  2. follow the steps on the homepage to write in urdu
  3. copy the urdu written text and page it on the facebook status or comment or anywhere you want

We’re working on launching a system through which the users can write in urdu directly in facebook without the hassle of this copy and paste stuff! but until we roll out this feature you’ll have to do it in the copy paste manner!

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