Write in Urdu

Welcome to Write In Urdu! the website dedicated to promote and allow people to write urdu online!

The aim of this website includes:

  • Allowing people to write urdu easily online, specially urdu speaking ones who don’t have the urdu keyboards or the skill to write urdu online
  • Allowing people to learn urdu, we will be working on this part too with full effort!
  • Provide a urdu forum discuss forum for our users! that too will be added soon!

To write in urdu, you can goto our homepage by clicking: Write in urdu and then following the instruction on the main page! It’s really easy to write in urdu online on our website by just entering the urdu words in roman urdu and they are converted themselves to the urdu menuscript! We provide roman urdu to urdu transiteration. Please note that it’s not the english to urdu translation, although we do plan to introduce that too soon!

So happy writing in urdu and promoting the national language of Pakistan!

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